Get These In Place Before Starting Your Next Side Project

Let me introduce you to something that you might already be familiar with— Side Project Hell 😈

Basically, you end up with like 747324856 side projects and not a single one is really complete.

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I believe, this hell would be most common in the JavaScript world. Every other day you get a kickass library and everyone wants to try it out by building their own something.

⚠️ This is just a list, no magic. If you still F it up, can't help you there. 🤷‍♀️

1. Announce your idea

This is a bold step, but super effective. Tell the world you have started working on a side project. Describe it. Tell them by when will they be able to see/use it.

Most likely, you will get a supporting response. This will motivate you to continue building whenever you feel like abandoning it.

2. Get a partner

Find yourself a code buddy who complements your skills. If you're a good webdev, find yourself a good devops person.

This will accelerate the building process and learning will be symbiotic.

3. Don't start coding right away! Align your vision.

Many people mess it up by starting to code too early.

First of all, put in place all the requirements. This could be in terms of features, or learning goals. Divide these features/modules in phases. In the first phase, keep it minimalistic.

4. No CSS in initial phases

Do not think about beautifying the project in this phase. It will distract you from your actual goal.

You will end up spending crazy amounts of time on HTMLing and CSSing.

Set the building foundation first, then the building, then the paint.

5. Find a mentor

If possible, get yourself a mentor who can guide you throughout your learning journey.

This could be your college senior, or a friend who has been working since a while.

6. Set up Git

It is SUPER FKN essential to commit at every milestone. No matter how small.

Make sure you write good commit messages. Simply committing with fix or update or finally is bad practice.

We all do it, but should not.

7. Set up CI/CD pipeline

This will make you shine among others. You will learn a hell lot.

Even the tiniest of projects deserve CI/CD. You will fall in love with it eventually. It's more of an acquired taste. ;)

8. Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Make sure you're always on a lookout for feedback. Take it seriously.

You should also give feedback to people in your network.

At the end of the day, don't forget what you really want. If you want to complete that side project, do it. There's no better time than now.


AvatarNiharika Singh